If you have multiple sets of tires, proper tire storage is a must. Proper storage ensures that your tires’ appearance and performance are maintained. Before you store your tires, be sure to inspect each one for damage or uneven wear.

How to Store Your Tires

  1. Store your tires in a clean, cool and dark location away from heat or gas and preferably under a tire cover or in a tire bag.
  2. Ensure that tires are not stored under tension or external pressure in order  to avoid cracks.
  3. Tires must be protected from direct sunlight and continuous changes of air. As ozone is particularly damaging, store rooms must not contain any devices that generate ozone.
  4. If your tires are mounted on rims, stack them underneath a tire cover. (When stacking tires, be sure to stack no more than four tires, for safety reasons.)
  5. If you tires are not mounted on rims, store them upright and cover. Do not stack on top of each other or hang from ceiling.
  6. If your tires have whitewall or raised white lettering, store them with the whitewall or raised white lettering facing each other. Otherwise, black rubber could stain them.

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